2017 Conference Program

The general theme of the 2017 Conference, as in previous years, is "Glimpses of Persian Culture ."  The sub-theme of this year's Conference is “Culture of Unity ."
During the annual gatherings of the Association, experts and scholars discuss diverse aspects of Persian culture, including important social and religious movements that have left their historic mark on the Iranian society. The conference also features a variety of artistic presentations that highlight the richness of the Iranian cultural heritage.
Conference programs include sessions in Persian with simultaneous interpretation into English as well as English sessions for young adults, youth and junior youth. There are also classes for children ages 3-5, 6-8 and 9-10.
It is important to note that the presentations by scholars and other participants in these sessions reflect the personal and or academic views and opinions of the presenters and are not necessarily endorsed by the Association. The organizers hope that all discussions are conducted in a spirit of good will and respect for the views of others, leading to bonds of friendship and tolerance and greater familiarity with the precious heritage of the blessed land of Iran.

In order to download or view a digital copy of the programs in English, please click here.

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2017 Conference

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