The list of some of our great performers for the 2017 Association's Conference will be published soon. Please visit this page for the list of this year's performers.

Rana Mansour
Rana Mansour (Vocal & Piano)
Art Kartalian (Keyboard)
Ali Tavalloli (Percussion)
Vachik Alvandi (Drum)
Nejhdeh Zagrebian (Base)
Patrick Chitarian (Guitar)

Crossing Boarders Music

Crossing Boarders Music
Marianne Parker (Piano)
Maya Shiraishi (Violin)
Tom Clowes (Cello)

Mamak Khadem

Mamak Khadem Music
Mamak Khadem (Vocals & Daf)
Mehdi Bagheri (Kamancheh & Setar)
T.J. Troy (Percussion & reading poems)
Robik Haratounian (Duduk, Clarinet, Zorna)
Chris Votek (Cello)

Rahim Shahriari Azeri Music

Rahim Shahriari Azeri Music
Rahim Shahriari (Vocals)
Misagh Eshaghi (Kamancheh)
Matin Eshaghi (Tar)
Nadia Sabet (Percussion)

Farzam Salami Farzam Salami
Lia Fallah Lia Fallah
Nikan Sadeghzadeh Milani Nikan Sadeghzadeh Milani
Sahba Motallebi Sahba Motallebi
Iman Honarpisheh Iman Honarpisheh

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2017 Conference

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